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At the Australian International Academy (Sydney campus) Primary School students are pivotal to the teaching and learning program and are perceived holistically, taking into consideration their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual wellbeing. They are enabled to become internationally minded people who engage in world issues and take on constructive action where necessary.

Our primary school curriculum has coverage of NSW Board of Studies requirements and International Baccalaureate – Primary Years Programme’s pedagogy. The teaching and learning curriculum is a concept driven, inquiry-based program that recognises students as lifelong learners that require purposeful, authentic, challenging and in-depth learning. Teachers facilitate student’s individual learning through a differentiated program that considers different learning styles, abilities and interests. We do this by offering students opportunities to work in supported exclusive programs, one on one learning experiences, hands on, open-ended learning, group work and discussions. Through these programs student benefit from building their research, communication, social, self-management and thinking skills.

As a faith based school it is essential for all our students to develop a sound knowledge of the Islamic Faith. We promote the development of student’s emotional, social and spiritual well‐being. Integral to this is for students to build positive relationships with people of different races, cultures, languages, genders, social backgrounds, and demonstrate a love and respect to natural environments and its connection with the universe, we live in. In Islamic Studies, students are continually developing self-reflective and critical thinking skills to be responsible citizens. They use the beliefs and practices of the Islamic faith to inform their behaviour and actions, by drawing from the wisdom of the Holy Quran and the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) – as a basis of knowledge, actions and values. We believe this will guide Muslim students to be good Muslim Australian citizens.

Our school is also committed to nurturing the mother-tongue and supporting students to become multilingual. We believe that multilingualism is the trait of an internationally minded person which helps them participate academically at school and in their social lives. It provides an intellectual framework to support conceptual development and critical thinking skills; as well as support students to embrace diversity and difference by having access to various perspectives across the globe. Our school provides Arabic lessons that enable students to develop communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing that help them to effectively express themselves and understand others in Arabic.

In the Primary Department it is integral that we build student capacity as life- long learners through instilling values and attitudes that enable students to be; effective communicators, open-minded in their interactions, confident in themselves, independent as well as collaborative learners, creative and critical thinkers when analysing, problem solving and evaluating.