The AIA Islamic Studies curriculum covers broad areas of Islam including study of the Quraan, Hadeeth, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah and Akhlaaq (Islamic Character Education).The key concept used in our Islamic studies department is the Tarbiyyah Model. The focus of this model is not only on learning the theory part of Islamic knowledge, but also on the complete personal development of a student. Students are provided with motivating and entertaining Islamic knowledge.

Our lessons are approached using the twin techninques of “fun – learn” and “learn – understand – apply”. Using the first approach we create lessons that are fun, which encourages and motivates our students to learn their faith. Using the second approach we craft lessons that allow our students to practice what they learn. InshaAllah this way of learning will boost the imaan of our students and make them feel proud of their identity.

Apart from our lessons we have incorporated these additional activities as part of our curriculum, designed to improve our student’s personality and enhance their understanding of their faith:

  •  Daily Duaa and prayers in congregation
  • Quraan memorization program
  • Mastering Al Qaidah Annuraniyah
  • Everyday sunnah and Islamic character
  • Islamic Quiz
  • Islamic leadership

The Quraan Club memorization program every Tuesday and Wednesday morning is a blessing for everyone. Students learn important skills in reading, memorising and practising the recitation of short surahs (verses) of the Quraan. They have been engaged in learning and mastering Al Qaidah An Nuraniyah, using technology to enhance their learning. InshaAllah this has helped them to read the Quraan and also Arabic fluently. Overall, in our Quraan program, students are expected to memorise two Juz’. They are encouraged to read with proper tajweed and develop the habit of regular reading and memorisation. Some highlights of our activities this year included: wudhu Workshop for all students; salaah routine practice; Ramadan and charity awareness; Hajj for kids; and the Quraan and Hadeeth Challenge Quiz.

Students have been exposed to the routines of wudhu, salaah, daily aadaab and duaa. Alhamdulillah the kindergarten and year 1 students have enjoyed the friendly prayer room environment and have progressed well.