Enrolment Process

1. Provide parents with the enrolment documents (Registration form, Fee Structure, Fee Policy, enrolment policies and PYP Program Flyer for Primary levels, MYP Brochure for Secondary Levels, or IB Brochure for Secondary levels.


2. Parents register child’s details by completing a Registration form and provide a copy of the birth certificate and pay the registration fees.


3. Student registrar then will upload students’ details on the School system and waiting list and stamp the registration form ‘ENTERED’ when entered on system


4.Check the availability of a position then fix a time for entrance exam in case there is a vacant position available. Otherwise we file the student’s registration form with the birth certificate copy in the related year level in the wait listing filing cabinet.


5. For Kindergarten admission, parents should provide Birth & Immunization Certificates and a completed and signed Preschool Checklist or a report as an evidence to show that the child is ready to start school.


6. For other Year Levels admissions (Grade 1 to Year 11), parents should provide the most recent set of student Reports of the present/ previous school and a copy of NAPLAN results when applicable.


7. Before the interview, prospective students are to sit for the required Entry Tests, mainly in Literacy & Numeracy. Reasonable test marks are preliminary requirements for admission at this College; however, other factors might be considered if poor results are achieved.


8. Mark the exams and fix a time for the interview with both parents and the child. Both parents/guardians must attend the admission interview, except under special circumstances.


9. The Registrar will arrange for an interview with the relevant interviewing teacher/Principal.

Parents will be informed about the date, time & venue.


10. In case of parent’s separation or divorce; the school must conduct the interview with both biological parents and must keep a copy of the custody papers before offering any position to the student.


11. At the interview, the Interviewing Officer will make parents/ guardian aware of particular College Policies such as Discipline, Keep College Clean, Uniform, the policy of Twelve Week Written Notice within school working days for withdrawal …etc. At the interview both parents/ guardians must sign a declaration to confirm their acceptance of the College Policies at all times and in particular the Fees Policy. (Fee Policy)


12. On the basis of the Interview and Entry Tests’ results, the Interviewing Officer will complete the recommendation Section and indicate whether to offer a place, to defer the offer, or not to offer a place.


13. The Interviewing Officer will complete the Coordinators Forms and this will be passed on to relevant coordinator(s) for implementation & follow up.


14. The Registrar will submit the completed File of the prospective students to the Principal for a decision.


15. One of the following decisions will be taken:

- Not approved for admission

- Deferred Enrolment or to be placed on Waiting List

- Provisional Approval for Admission (for 1 term, 1 semester, 1 year)

- Unconditional Approval for Admission


16. The Registrar will inform the parents/ guardians of the result. Will send/email a letter of offer to prospective parents/ guardians, which set the date/ deadline for accepting the offer and the requirements to complete the enrolment .An Admission Form will be provided to prospective parents. All sections of the Admission Form should be completed and the Form is then signed by both parents/ guardians.


17. The Admission Form will not be accepted by the Registrar unless the following steps are carried out and completed simultaneously:

- The appropriate Fees are paid and a Receipt is presented. The following minimum Fees (Local Students) must be paid in advance even if the parents are applying for special arrangements:

1. One Term Tuition Fees.

2. All Composite Fees.

3. Family Building Fund (if it was not paid before).

4. Library Fund per student.

5. All Levies.

- Exemptions or special arrangements may be granted only if the above minimum Fees payments are made in advance.

- All required Forms, statements, and declarations are signed and included in the File.

- School Uniforms are ordered. New students cannot commence attending the school without the full school uniform.

- Parents must complete and sign the admission forms before their child attends school.

18. In case the student has a medical condition; a medical alert is created on the system (Pc School) and printed to be included in the Medical Alert Folder for all students so that all teachers be aware of the conditions they have in each class.


19. Provide parents with the following:

- School Information Booklet

- Book List

- Canteen List

- Uniform List (Uniform is available in school premises)

- Transport brochure

 - Private Bus Drivers List.

- School Diary.

20. The year coordinator is notified via email (slip is provided). Email the Form Class teacher and Librarian with the new student’s information and upload the student’s library Bar-Code when provided in PC School


21. PC school is updated with the new student’s details and rolls will to be updated as well.


22. A file is made for the student with all paper work inside and filed away in Alpha order in the related cabinet.


23. The student must attend to office before commencing school; the Form Teacher then takes them and prepares timetable, diary etc.…


24. Student Registrar always keeps an updated Class Listing with family details on teacher general for teachers to access the required student’s information.